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LA ART Gondola Update – LA City Council March 22, 2024

Final EIR Certification

On February 22, 2024, the Metro Board approved the Final EIR for the LA ART Gondola project, which included a list of conditions that the project will need to satisfy in order to gain the final approvals from Metro for construction and lease of the land at Union Station for the project. To review the conditions, which were listed on the meeting agenda, visit Metro’s website at https://boardagendas.metro.net/event/regular-board-meeting-edac8a0799b0/. On that page is also a link where you can watch video from that meeting.

What’s Next?

The gondola project still needs approvals from LA City Council, CA State Parks, and Caltrans, before it goes back to Metro for final approvals. If all approvals are granted, LA ART anticipates beginning construction by 2026, with the goal of completion by the 2028 Summer Olympics.

LA City Council – March 22, 2024

On January 24, 2024, Council Member Eunisses Hernandez (CD1) introduced a motion to conduct a traffic assessment for Dodger Stadium that examines a broad range of alternatives to improve transit access to the venue, and to suspend action on the LA ART project at the city level contingent upon the results and recommendations of the traffic assessment. To read the full text of the motion and submit a public comment on this issue, visit Council File at the City Clerk’s website here. This motion has been waived out of committee, and is scheduled to be heard by the full City Council on Friday, March 22, 2024. Agenda here.

Update – On March 22, 2024, the City Council approved the motion with an amendment. The amendment clarified the actions on the project that would be suspended by the City until the results of the traffic study are available. To read the full text of the motion and amendment, visit Council File #24-0011-S4 at the City Clerk’s website here

For more information about the project, visit metro.net/aerialrapidtransit and https://laartsb44.net/.