HISTORIC CULTURAL NORTH NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL – Representing Chinatown, El Pueblo, Solano Canyon, and Victor Heights in the City of Los Angeles

About Us

What are neighborhood councils?
Neighborhood Councils are your connection to Los Angeles City Hall and the elected officials and City departments there. Neighborhood Councils are made up of elected board members who are part of the local community, including people who live, work, own property, attend church or school, participate in a non-profit organization, or have some other connection to a neighborhood. The City of Los Angeles created Neighborhood Councils in 1999, in order to make the City government more responsive to local needs.

The purpose of the HCNNC is to participate as a body on issues concerning our neighborhood and regarding the governance of the City of Los Angeles in a transparent, inclusive, collaborative, accountable and viable manner.

HCNNC’s mission:
1. To preserve the culturally rich history that is unique to the communities of HCNNC;
2. To empower the people through increased civic engagement; and
3. To foster and develop a sense of community throughout HCNNC.

HCNNC’s objectives:
1. To increase public participation in governmental decision-making and problem solving processes; and
2. To make government more responsive to HCNNC community needs and requests.

For more information about HCNNC and how to get involved, email us or subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about HCNNC.


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