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City Council to Consider Application for Cannabis Retail PCN at 744 N Broadway on Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A Public Convenience and Necessity (PCN) Request for Retail Storefront Commercial Cannabis Activity will be considered by City Council on Tuesday, April 16, 2024:

Update: Item continued to City Council’s meeting on Friday, April 26, 2024

Council File No. 24-0420-S1
Applicant: TBM Management Group Inc.
Business Premises Location: 744 North Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90012
DCR Application No.: LA-P-23-404602-PREAPP
Community Plan Area: Central City North
Council District: 1

Interested parties may provide input or information about this application(s) by submitting public comment to the relevant Council File, listed above, by visiting the website for the Council File Management System, available here. On the Council file, click the button that says “NEW” to submit a written comment to be posted to the Council file. Alternatively, written comments may be submitted at LACouncilComment.com.

The applicant has also applied for licenses at two other locations:
2043 Imperial Street
1601 West 190th Street

Note: The Los Angeles Municipal Code limits the number of Storefront Retailer Commercial Cannabis Activity Licenses (Types 10 or 12) by Community Plan Area based on the definition of “Undue Concentration” in LAMC Section 104.01(a). Once the LA City Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) issues a specific number of relevant license types in a particular Community Plan Area, Undue Concentration is reached and the Los Angeles City Council must approve the processing of any additional license applications in that Community Plan Area. Applicants seeking to engage in Storefront Retailer Commercial Cannabis Activity (Type 10 or 12) in a Community Plan Area that has reached Undue Concentration must file a request that the Los Angeles City Council find that approval of the license application would serve a public convenience or necessity (PCN) supported by evidence in the record, pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 104.03(a)(1).