HISTORIC CULTURAL NORTH NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL – Representing Chinatown, El Pueblo, Solano Canyon, and Victor Heights in the City of Los Angeles

HCNNC’s Bylaws Update

HCNNC’s official bylaws have been amended!

HCNNC’s Bylaws contain the rules that govern how your neighborhood council operates.

The current version is HCNNC-Approved-Bylaws-04.20.2022.pdf.

Per the City’s Administrative Code 20.36(c), the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment has amended HCNNC’s bylaws to include the recommendations provided by the City Clerk Election Divisions. These are administrative amendments that are necessary for the City’s effective administration of upcoming Neighborhood Council elections.

(Note: These amendments are not a part of HCNNC’s Exhaustive Efforts.)

Please note the following amendments:
• Article IV: Stakeholders
• Article V Section 1: Composition
• Article V Section 4: Term and Term Limits
• Article VI Section 1: Officers of the Board
• Article VII Section1 A: Regular Meetings
• Article X Section 3: Minimum Voting Age
• Article XI Grievance Process
• Attachment B

The exact changes can be viewed in the following document: