Remainder of Meetings Canceled in March

In keeping with Mayor Garcetti’s directive issued on March 12, 2020, entitled “COVID-19 City Guidelines,” the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment has announced that all Neighborhood Council (NC) board, committee, alliance, and liaison meetings – as well as all other NC-related events – are suspended through March 31, 2020. Stay tuned for updates on the resumption of neighborhood council meetings and events. To get the City’s latest updates on COVID-19, sign up for NotifyLA at

Neighborhood Survey

HCNNC Neighborhood Survey
The Historic Cultural North Neighborhood Council is reviewing its bylaws and may consider changes to neighborhood boundaries. Please tell us how you identify your neighborhood. Note: You may also provide comments by phone and email. Phone: (323) 716-3918 (leave a voicemail) Email:
(Note: We will send an email to this address with confirmation of your survey response.
Check this box to receive meeting notices and announcements from HCNNC by email. Your information will not be shared or sold.
"Chinatown", "El Pueblo", "Solano Canyon", "Victor Heights", "Dogtown", "Elysian Park", etc.

HCNNC’s Regular Meetings – 3rd Friday of the Month

HCNNC’s regular meetings have moved to the 3rd Friday of each month, with a start time of 5:45 p.m. The next regularly scheduled meeting is on Friday, November 15, 2019, at Grand Star Restaurant, 943 N Broadway (Sun Mun Way). For more information, contact

Official Results of HCNNC’s April 4th Election

Official Election Results PDF

The City Clerk’s Office has released official election results for the HCNNC election! View them in the PDF file below:

Official Election Results PDF
HCNNC April 4, 2019 Election Official Results (104 KB)

Congratulations to the newly elected board members, and many thanks to all of the candidates who dedicated time and energy in their campaigns.

HCNNC’s inaugural board will be seated at the first HCNNC board meeting. The date, time, and location of this meeting are to be determined.

The City Clerk’s Office has also released a list of election challenges that have been filed in the recent neighborhood council elections. None were filed for the HCNNC election.

Unofficial Election Results

The City Clerk’s Office has released unofficial election results for the HCNNC election! View them in the PDF file below:

HCNNC April 4, 2019 Election - Unofficial Results (PDF file)
HCNNC April 4, 2019 Election Unofficial Results (112 KB)

Note: These results do not include provisional ballots. Provisional voters have until 3 business days after Election Day to submit required documents, so that their votes will be counted.

HCNNC Election – Thursday, April 4, 2:00-8:00 p.m. @ Alpine Recreation Center

HCNNC Election Flyer - English

Vote for your representatives on your neighborhood council!

Click here to view the list of candidates and read candidate statements on the City Clerk’s website.

Register and vote in person, on Election Day only.
(No voter pre-registration.)

WHEN: Thursday, April 4, 2019, 2:00 – 8:00 p.m.
WHERE: Alpine Recreation Center, 817 Yale St, Los Angeles, CA, 90012

Voter Eligibility:
• Minimum voting age: 15 yrs.
• Residents, property owners, business owners, employees, students, parents of students, and members/volunteers of non-profit organizations within HCNNC boundaries can vote.
• Citizenship is not required to vote.

Documentation Required:
• Photo ID
• Proof of Age (if not on Photo ID)
• Document with your name and qualifying address (if not on your Photo ID or Proof of Age)
— examples include utility bill, property tax statement, deed, business license, business card, pay stub, non-profit organization or school roster, letter from a non-profit organization/church/school, etc.

Click here to view detailed information from the City Clerk about documents required for voter registration.

Note: Stakeholders can vote provisionally if they do not have the appropriate documents on Election Day. Provisional voters will have three business days after Election Day to submit any information necessary for the City Clerk to determine their eligibility to vote and count their ballot.

Download and Print Flyers (PDF):

HCNNC Election Flyer - English
English (183 KB)
HCNNC Election Flyer - Chinese
Chinese (491 KB)
HCNNC Election Flyer - Spanish
Spanish (186 KB)

HCNNC Candidate Forum – Tuesday, March 19, 6:30-8:30 p.m. @ Castelar Elementary School

Meet fellow candidates and learn about their positions on the issues that matter to voters. The array of issues of concern to neighborhood council stakeholders include economic development, traffic congestion, education, affordable housing, public safety, preservation of histories and cultures, open space, and more. Individual campaigns are well underway and the Formation Committee offers the forum as an additional way for candidates to reach voters.

Candidate Forum Format:
– Election Day information
– Candidate introductions
– Candidate statements
– Questions for candidates

The forum will be moderated by Formation Committee members and other volunteers who are not registered HCNNC candidates.

* ELECTION DAY: APRIL 4 from 2-8PM at Alpine Recreation Center, 817 Yale St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

FORO DE CANDIDATOS DE HCNNC Haz preguntas. Todos son bienvenidos. MARTES 19 DE MARZO, 2019 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM CASTELAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 840 YALE ST LOS ANGELES, CA 90012
* Día de Elección: Jueves 4 de Abril, 2019 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM Alpine Recreation Center 817 Yale St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

HCNNC 候選⼈論壇問他們問題。歡迎⼤家參加。2019年3⽉19⽇,星期⼆下午6時30 – 到晚上8:30 CASTELAR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL耶魯街840號洛杉磯,加利福尼亞州90012
* 選舉⽇: 星期四, 2019年4⽉4⽇下午2點到8點阿爾卑斯休閒中⼼耶魯⼤街817號洛杉磯,加利福尼亞州90012

Download and Print Flyers (PDF):

English (375 KB)
Chinese (595 KB)
Spanish (378 KB)

Bylaws Update

Please be advised that the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, which oversees the neighborhood council system, has approved several minor administrative clarifications to HCNNC’s bylaws.

The following four (4) changes have been made and approved by the Department:

(HCNNC Bylaw changes in Attachment B – Governing Board Structure and Voting)

1. Board Position: “Chinatown Business Owner” changed to “Chinatown Business Owner or Employee”

2. Eligibility to run for the seat: “Stakeholder who is a business owner” changed to “Stakeholder who is a business owner or employee”

3. Board Position: “El Pueblo Business Owner” changed to “El Pueblo Business Owner or Employee”

4. Eligibility to run for the seat: “Stakeholder who is a business owner” changed to “Stakeholder who is a business owner or employee”

No other changes have been made. City Clerk, Elections Division have been notified of this change as well.

These changes to the table in Attachment B are consistent with Article V, Section 1 of HCNNC’s previously approved bylaws.

Candidate Information Session – January 15 (Tuesday), 6-7:30 p.m. @ Chinatown Library

Are you thinking about running as a candidate for the Historic Cultural North Neighborhood Council?

Support HCNNC volunteers are hosting a Candidate Information Session. All HCNNC stakeholders are invited to attend. Come learn more about running as a candidate, and serving on your neighborhood council’s board. We will answer questions and help with registration.

Note: Attendance at this session is optional, and is not required for candidates.

HCNNC Candidate Information Session
When: Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Where: Chinatown Library, 639 N Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Candidate Information Session Flyer – English

Candidate Information Session Flyer – Chinese

Candidate Information Session Flyer – Spanish

Election News

This is where we will post announcements about the 2019 Neighborhood Council elections, including information about candidate registration and voter outreach. More coming soon!